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Data Land, so much more than just a residential developer. Commercial, retail, hospitality and leisure are all part of their distinguished resume. Each and every project is completed with sheet dedication and determination and with the satisfaction of the client at the fore. Safety is paramount to their work and with a close partnership forged with DDT Konstract, Inc they are definitely committed to quality, safety and the highest degree of professionalism on every project. The company works closely with professionals in every related field to ensure that affordability is the end result. Finances are no concern as Data Land has the financial backing and support of a number of institutions and stakeholders ensuring that every project is completed. The company was founded in 2011 and a privately owned venture.

Projects are constantly on the go and at present there are a number of these fine establishments breaking ground all over the Philippines.

  • The mixed-use, high-rise development in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City
  • A residential condomiunium in Sta.Mesa, Manila
  • A boutique hotel in Porto Princesa City, Palawan
  • The Data Land Technology Center in Tanauan, Batanagas

The sales team is aptly headed by a vibrant, young, enthusiastic lady by the name of Giulia Toling. She, along with her team strive to create an experience for every interested buyer that goes above all expectations.

What you can expect from this fine establishment is nothing short of an experience of a lifetime.

Key Factors

Regardless of the project being undertaken, three things are certain. Data Land ensures that all their completed works deliver important factors and features to potential buyers.

Quality Workmanship - Workmanship is a huge factor in any project. Finishes must be properly executed. The materials used must be of a high, lasting, durable quality to ensure success. Quality workmanship is how value for money is ensured.

Convenient Locations - The company carefully considers every location before development begins. While developments should be a village separate from the humdrum life of the city, there should still be easy accessibility to all required external amenities,schools, and hospitals. Access to the city should be easily negotiated as most will still work in the busy centers.

Value For Money - This is probably one of the most important factors to take into consideration. The community is putting their trust in you and their money in your developments. They expect that they will be provided with all the services promised for their money paid. They are making this investment as an enhancement to the lives of their families, and to the Filipino people, this is no lightly taken task.

Data Land takes great pride in the work they produce and the establishments they provide. The customer always comes first and satisfaction is not negotiable. You can rest-assured that their projects are always completed and in a manner that is more than suitable.

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The Olive Place
Located: 407 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

This addition to the metro skyline is bathed in modern design and creative innovations. This structure is designed to enhance the quality of your city life. Everything you may require outside the walls of your home is close at hand. Shopping malls, the business district, schools and medical facilities are within easy reach for residents.

Recreation and relaxation are the aim of the amenities on offer. This is what home should encapsulate. The Olive Place does it so well.

  • Kiddie Pool - let your little ones splash about with other children and enjoy some downtime. Fun, frolicking and lifelong bonds are sure to be the order of the day.
  • Jacuzzi - Relax and unwind after a long day. Perhaps a glass of champers and your loved one are in order.
  • Gym - Take out the pent up stresses in the gym, rejuvenate and feed your body and mind.
  • Adult Pool - What is summer without a poo? Cool off and relax.
  • Meditation Garden - Keeping calm and clearing your mind has never been easier than here.
  • Game Room - Take some time off and have some fun with the kids.
  • Loung Area - Adult time with friends can be enjoyed here. We all need a break from the kids right?
  • Play Areas - Perfect places for kids to be kids, make friends, get dirty and have fun, fun, fun.
  • Library - Who doesn’t love curling up with a good book? School projects and research? No problem at all.

In the perfect life, what more could you ask for? Take up residence here and enjoy a well-balanced, hassle-free lifestyle where worry is forgotten.

The Silk Residences
Location: Sta. Mesa

The Flagship project of this fine company. This twin-tower condomium block is the picture of elegance, quality and comfort mingled with a practical design that works. Value for money is what its all about. The convenient, central location is a drawcard for this establishment. The city’s major hubs are easily accessible.Public transportation is right on your doorstep, making moving up and down to where you want to be quick and easy.

As always amenities are the attraction that puts the cherry on the cake for any resident when seeking a home. While you do seek to remove yourself from the humdrum life of the city, you still want the luxuries of life. Having them right on your doorstep is a chance in a lifetime.

  • Ground level retail arcade - Every shop you could possible want for right on your doorstep, no venturing into the buzz of the city and definitely no frustration at the throngs of people.
  • Pool lounge deck - The perfect place to relax and take in some peace, tranquility and perhaps a cocktail or two.
  • Spacious and wifi-ready common areas - This is the age of the internet after all and without it we are simply like fish out of water if truth be told.
  • High-quality, comfortable units - Comfort, luxury and affordability, exactly what every residential accomodation should be made up of.
  • 24 hour security - The safety of your family supercedes all other. At Data Land you can rest-assured that there is no short measures taken where your safety is concerned.
  • Basketball court - Physical activity and fun that’s what this is all about.
  • Clubhouse - Meet up with friends and neighbours, enjoy some downtime and relax while getting to know one another a little better.
  • Building and Administration Block
  • Adult’s swimming pool - The solution to those blistering hot summer afternoons. Cool off with a splash or float around enjoying the breeze.
  • Entrance Gate - Another built in safety feature that is focused on your security.

The developments by Data Land are really geared towards meeting the needs of the Filipino people seeking a safe haven for their families. The Filipino way of life is something that is designed around family. Family is the most important thing to any Filipino person and they will do almost anything to provide the best they can for that family. Data Land understands these needs and ensures that they are fulfilled completely.

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Areas Data Land Have Developed


Located East of Manila. One of sixteen cities that make of Metro Manila. This is definitely a city that knows no boundaries. There is so much to keep you busy, so many attrations to see. The landscape truly breathtaking. Restaurants are available in huge variety, lending something for everybody’s tastes. The shopping experience is second to none. Shopping malls abound with every store you could imagine. They hustle and bustle of city life is beyond exciting.

Sta. Mesa

This district in Manila is surrounded by the the Pasig river on the southwestern side and the San Juan river on the eastern and southern sides. Beautiful scenery is the order of the day. This is a district that takes education extremly seriously and the vast number of colleges and universtity institutions are proof of that. This is also the home to SM City Mall, an upscale shopping establishment that provides variety for all who seek to find solace through retail therapy.

Overview Of What Data Land Offers

Data Land, on a mission to create opportunities for all Filipino people to live a life that is worthy of the Filippino lifestyle, provides a safehaven for families and allows families to enjoy their time together in serenity and safety. Everything that one would need to enjoy life as you should, right on your doorstep. Removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet still within in easy, accessible reach.

High-quality homes, residences and structures are the trademark of this company and the experience you will endure will be well worth the choice you have made. At Data Land they understand that selling a property is only half the journey. After service is extremely important. Clients need to feel that they are not simply forgotten after the deal is done. Data Land provides it all.

You can always rest assured that only the finest contractors have been used during the creation of the fine properties on offer. Safety, quality and durability are key while still keeping costs down to a reasonable level. Attention to detail is something that is taken to heart and adds so much value to the lives of the occupants.

Upliftment of the community, quality of life and the lifestyle of all Filippino people is what Data Land aims for on every occassion.

Top-class residential, commercial and luxury developments in locations that provide all that the heart desires. Finishing touches and design by the rich and famous allow each and every different development to display a different vibe and atmosphere. Each provides their own character traits and their own quirks and features that make them unique from the next. The collaborations with some of the greats like Giorgio Armani and Paris Hilton has added a touch of class to the projects.

Everything you seek in a home is right where you expect it. Home truly is where the heart is. Comfort, luxury, affordability and an environment that fosters togetherness and family quality time is on the cards. Safety and security are never compromised. You can sleep peacefully knowing your family is in the best hands possible. Manicured gardens, waterfalls, meditation gardens, these all form part of what each development may have on offer. For those who prefer a more strenuous activity, basketball is a common feature in all the developments. What better way to get the kids out into the fresh air than a playful game of basketball? This new age keeps kids cooped up with their internet connections and cellphones when they really should be outdoors. Now is your opportunity to guarantee that is where they are.

Data Land can be found on the 17th Floor Cyberscape Beta Building, Ruby and Topaz Roads, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. They are easily contactable via their website on on the phone. Whether you wish to purchase or are still testing the waters and would rather rent, both options are completely available to you. There is always a helpful consultant waiting to assist you with whatever your query might be.

Take the first step, make the call and allow Data Land to take you on a journey to your new home today. The experience will excite and the results will amaze. Your home is waiting for you.